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Welcome to Barcelona Fu-Tour

Barcelona fascinates visitors since they feel that this city is always being reinvented. Barcelona is known for its efficiency and success, in spite of its impetousnessure, its density and its extravagant life. Barcelona has not been called in vain "the Well-bred", and is currently known as one of the most dynamic and best planned cities in Europe. Why not come and discover these exciting features of our city?

Barcelona is still to face many new challenges that we must overcome, but it is also a source of successful experiences that we will unravel for you. In recent years Barcelona has been a living laboratory for new ideas about mobility, the environment and urban planning and development. We would like to introduce you through these issues.

We organize custom made workshops / seminars to deal with decisions adopted by policy makers and experts in urban development and change in Barcelona. We also offer guided tours inspired by the principle that says the best way to understand things is to know them first hand. So all you have to do is to learn while we take care of practical aspects. You will be able to take back to your own city the "Barcelona Experience" and find inspiration in the ideas we have deployed for you.

Other events organized by the Foundation for Sustainable and Safe Mobility:

temps barcelona

Parc Güell (14), July 2009